Home Styling To Sell

I provide Home Styling Services in person within Yorkshire.  

Home Styling can be carried out for a number of reasons such as:-

  • To Improve your living space
  • To sell your home quicker and to achieve the best possible price
  • For Estate or Letting Agents Sales Particulars to achieve the best possible photography
  • De-Clutter your home

As a Home Stylist I can offer a full range of services from a report which you can “do it yourself” or hands on to assist you with any of the above.  A full detailed Home Styling Report will be provided for all these services along with quotes for any home improvements required, liaising with estate agents if necessary & complete project management.  All my work is carried out with a commitment to client confidentiality and best pricing to suit your budget.  

So What is Home Styling?

Home Styling has been predominately aimed at those who wish to sell their property fast and to achieve the best possible price.  

My aim is to improve the appearance of the property to appeal to the widest range of potential buyers.  This does need the owner to detach themselves from the property to enable me to make these changes.  Items such as personal belongings and photos will be removed to create a home that a potential buyer can see themselves living in.  

What is included?

I will visit your property for a Consultation.  This should usually take around 2 hours.  This will involve me completing a questionaire which will help me pull my recommendations together.  I will take photos and room measurements.  My report will include:-

  • Improvements for kerb appeal
  • A room by room assessment which provides a summary of works required
  • Improved decor or colour co-ordination
  • Any additional furniture or accessories required
  • Dressing your home for buyer appeal
  • Improving layout
  • De-Clutter options
  • Action Plan for each room
  • Estimated Costings

Hands on staging and project management if required is then discussed following your receipt of my report or if you would prefer you can carry this out yourself with the guidelines I have provided in the report.


What Next?

If you wish to discuss any part of this process, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am more than happy to discuss any projects before committing.  

I charge £50 initial consultation fee which will be deducted from the final quote should you hire me to style your property.  My time is charged hourly and a full detailed quote will be provided so there will be no nasty surprises.  


Natalie Ellis is a Member of the Home Staging Network  and signs up the Network professional code of practice confirming commitment to quality of customer service


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