8 Stylist Storage Solutions To Improve Your Lifestyle

8 Stylist Storage Solutions for your home.  

The thing I have found with most houses is their lack of storage including storage cupboards.  We all need somewhere to store the crap we have if you are a hoarder, or like me, and throw everything away…I still have those little nick nacky things that drive me insane if they are left out on the side.  

Spare rooms end up being a dumping ground which is such a wasted space as that room could be made into a useful place such as office, dressing area or play area.  So below are my top storage solutions big and small which will hopefully give you a few ideas.  First up small useful storage ideas.

1.  Storage Containers

Yes this seems pretty obvious but how many times do you have open packets of food that end up either going out of date, or fall out of the cupboard, all over the kitchen.  This can be easily rectified with storage jars.  I like to use glass jars so I can see whats inside.  Label the jars either with a blackboard marker pen or if you’re fancy and have a label maker, use that!  You dont need to go out and buy these fancy glass jar either.  Use old jam jars, food jars or plastic containers.  This immediately makes your cupboards more organised, looks neater, you can see everything to hand and solves the storage issue of food piled on top of each other in a cupboard.  


2.  Clothes Folded

Folding your clothes and jeans into a row as shown in the below picture not only declutters your drawers but you can find an item so much easier.  How many times have you piled clothes one on top of the other and then can’t find that certain top, to then throw them all out of the drawer in a fit of rage.  Well no more if you fold your clothes in this way!

3.  Drawer Organisers

These are perfect for dressing table drawers where you store makeup, hair bobbles, clips etc.  Although I did buy my 13 year old daughter one of these and it seems to have been thrown out of the drawer and her dressing table now resembles the 2nd picture!

4.  Paperwork

Use Storage Boxes & Baskets to store away the paperwork.  Keep a desk tray for items that you need to deal with but the rest –  file it away.  I have a filing cabinet that is labelled for everything you could possibly need, from instructions for electrical goods, the kids school reports, bills, mortgage statements etc etc.  If you spend 5 minutes per week filing away your paperwork it won’t feel like such a massive chore.  Looking at a pile of paperwork the size of your ironing pile can seem like a daunting task and is easily put off, but this can lead to you missing things that need dealing with and also looking at an cluttered desk does not make you have a productive day – trust me it works.

5. Kids Storage Ideas

I love my kids but my god I hate the toys that come with them!  Especially when they are toddlers.  Whats with all the oversized noisy toys.  As soon as they are big enough their toys go up into their room, in storage boxes out of sight.  There are so many clever storage ideas for kids, that still look fun but they can easily see where all their toys are, rather than just thrown into one big toy box.  Below are some cute little storage ideas.  The picture on the front of the boxes are a really great way of organising their toys and helping them find their favourite pieces.  




Now for the big stuff, which might cost a bit more but would definitely improve your lifestyle


  1.  Under stairs Storage

This has got to be the best bloody storage idea ever!  Unfortunately this isn’t something I can do in my house but would absolutely love to give this a go.  Under stairs can be used for all sorts, not just storage of clothes and shoes.  What about using it as a pantry, a seating area, an office area.  The possibilities are endless.  

2.  Under bed Storage

Everyone knows about under bed storage with drawers or vacuum packed bags but check this out!  This would be perfect if you had a small bedroom that you couldn’t fit much furniture in.  You could have a step up bed with storage underneath.  I don’t think any kid would turn their nose up at that!



3.  Garage Storage Solutions

My other half would get excited about seeing these storage solutions.  The garage is his man cave.  The one way to make better use of a garage, as we all know they are the dumping ground and hardly ever used to put your car in, is to get the items off the floor.  Giving you more room and makes it feel less cluttered.  Hang bikes on the wall and put items in boxes into storage racks.  


Hopefully they have helped in some way, to help you lead a less cluttered life and give you a motivational boost to sort your crap out.  If you need any help with de-cluttering your home and need some hands on help please do not hesitate to contact me. 

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