7 Top Bathroom Trends To Make It Look The Best Room In The House

  • The Top 7 Bathroom Trends to make it the best room in the house.

Bathrooms tend to be one of the rooms we neglect as its expensive, messy and the thought of having no shower or bath for a few days whilst the work is carried out puts people off.  Below I have detailed some of the trends that will make you go running to the Interior Designer to have them design this for you.

The things clients ask for when renovating a bathroom are they want it:-

  • Easy to clean;
  • Help them to relax
  • Easy to store and find things
  • Stylist & Beautiful
  • Puts value on the house

All of these can be achieved with a well thought out design.


  1.  Bath for two people.  The ones with no taps at one end so (usually the man) gets the tap end with the hot and cold tap stuck behind his ears!



2.  Waterfall Shower Heads.  I love these style of shower heads.  They look very contemporary.  




3.  Mounted Shower Heads.  No pipes or shower attachments on show!  Absolute bliss.  This goes back to clients recommendations of wanting the bathroom easy to clean.  



4.  Open Showers.  This gives such clean lines and again less cleaning & looks beautiful 

5.  Dual ShowersNo more waiting for the other person to get out of the shower so you can get ready.  Just hop in together!

6.  Double SinksAgain this is an absolute must when renovating your bathroom, if you have the space.  No more brushing your teeth over the other person washing their face!

 7.  Wall Mounted Toilets No more horrible looking pipes, a lot cleaner and very modern and contemporary

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