Where To Find The Perfect Roman Blind – Roman Blind UK Net

Do you struggle to find the perfect Blind?

I found one company that take the hassle out of looking.  Roman Blinds

I asked them the following questions:_

 1. Tell me a bit about you and your business.

Blinds UK is online shop for made to measure blinds and curtains. Customers can get their roman blinds made to specific window sizes. Also get matching made to measure curtains.

2. How are your blinds made?

All roman blinds are hand made, thermal or blackout lining is attached to the back of the fabric.

3. Where do you get your inspiration for your designs/colours from?

Fabrics are outsourced from around the world by Prestigious Textiles, Casa Deco and more soft furnishing houses.

4. What are your best sellers?

Plane fabrics are best sellers.

5. What tips could you give our readers when installing blinds yourself?

Get thermal lining and match with blackout curtains for both blackout and thermal solution.


Below are just a selection of blinds that they offer but they also provide:-

Wooden Blinds

Blackout Blinds

Roller Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Shutter Blinds

Wooden Blinds

Definitely a one stop shop for all your blinds needs and lots of designs and fabrics to choose from.  

Below are just some of my favourites.  

So I’ve just saved you hunting high and low for blinds – you can thank me later 😉

Check out their website for more details.


Meet The Designer – Caroline Ann Interior Design

Next up for my blog “Meet The Designer” is the lovely Caroline from Caroline Ann Interior Design, who I met through Girl Tribe Gang. Her work is beautiful, and a must to follow.  

1. Little Introduction about you and your business

Colour loving and interior obsessed! I’m a Yorkshire girl, mama to three gorgeous little people (8 year old twins and a 6 yr old) and owner of a beautiful but slightly crazy labrador. In a previous life I worked as a finance lawyer before retraining and setting up my interior design practice when the twins were born.

I offer a range of design services from one-off consultations, to full room design schemes, to full project management and implementation. I work on residential and commercial projects, and like to think I’m doing my bit to make places happier, and interior design more accessible.

2. Tell us about your personal style & why you chose interior design as a career?

Setting up my interior design business really was life changing. I loved my time in the corporate world but this gives me the chance to be more creative. Refurbishing our current home, which I did when the twins were born, was the catalyst to start thinking about building a business around something that I love. No two projects, clients or days are the same. Working with clients to improve their spaces and create their homes is a real privilege.

As for my style, it is ever evolving. I love colour, whether it be colour pops against dark walls, or more subtle, muted tones. I like balance so my house has a mix of dark, more dramatic spaces combined with softer, more romantic spaces.

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?

If I’m designing for a client, I often try and find something as a starting point for the design. It may be a favourite piece of art they want to incorporate, a holiday momento, a photograph; something which gives the design personality. I like trends in design; they keep things fresh and moving. However, it’s important not to the swept away by them. The best inspiration is found in nature; the colour combinations, the textures, the feelings it evokes.

That doesn’t mean I’m not also totally obsessed with Instagram and Pinterest though! Many an hour of my life has been lost to these!! They are great resources for sharing projects, colour combinations, and design ideas. The key is to find an element you like and work it into something authentic, rather than just try and replicate it in your own space.

4. What has been your best project to date?

I really couldn’t choose one favourite. Each project is so different and has its own creative or practical challenges. Some projects push me creatively, which is great as they challenge me to think outside the box. Other projects might be straightforward but have a massive impact on the client’s use and enjoyment of a space, so are just as rewarding.

5. What aspirations do you have for your business?

I’m loving every moment of it and I hope to carry on doing more of the same. I’m currently working on growing my blog, sharing design tips and advice to showcase local talent and make interior design more accessible.

6. If you could give one bit of advice for someone wanting to set up their own business, what would it be?

In the words of Nike, Just Do It. I appreciate that’s much easier said than done and financial restrictions can make this difficult. Even if you can’t do it immediately, have a plan. Work out what you want to do and how you can achieve it. Then just take the plunge. You will never feel completely ready, but you soon realise that most people running their own business constantly push themselves outside their comfort zone. It’s how you develop and grow. It isn’t always easy, but it’s certainly worth it.

Check out Caroline via her website at 

www.carolineanndesign.com on  Instagram and some of her beautiful work below